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Named after the ecclectic and vibrant musician and artist, Mike Kelley (d. 2012), the gallery hosts known and emerging artists from around the world.


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May 2017

Ed Heckerman
two neighborhoods

Opening Reception
7 MAY, SUNDAY, 3 PM - 7 PM

This exhibition displays two related bodies of work that were produced concurrently over the past few years. The Walkstreets of Venice (and Thereabouts) and The Sawtelle Giant. The Walkstreets of Venice is a collection of photographs made on or near a few narrow streets in Venice, California which are for pedestrians only, with cars relegated to the alleys and surrounding streets. The Sawtelle Giant is a small series of photographs of a giant silk floss tree, the tallest of its species, Ceiba Speciosa, in California. This particular tree lives on the edge of Sawtelle Blvd. in West Los Angeles on the property of the Yamaguchi Nursery.



February 2017

JonMarc Edwards
the debritri show!

Opening Reception

Dulce Stein Presents Los Angeles based artist JonMarc Edward's exhibition “The Debriti Show!” a traveling immersive installation that challenges visitors to “Choose Their Words Carefully.” Beyond Baroque will be transformed into a contemporary textual apothecary utilizing all floors and rooms to exhibit this witty and profound exhibition. “The Debriti Show!” features word-tenders to personally guide guests through the process of textual enlightenment. More timely than ever “The Debriti Show!” explores the transformational power of language and tangible text. A freestanding sculpture located in the Mike Kelly Gallery will highlight this unique form of concrete poetry. Workshops, performances and special “word-tender” appearances will occur during this month long exhibition.

JonMarc Edwards is a visual artist working in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. His work is known for paintings that transform composed writing into concise, legible pictographic landscapes. JonMarc is a visiting artist & adjunct lecturer, Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona, CA and maintains a studio / gallery, MARKET in Silver Lake.



torrent stream

Opening Reception

Torrent Stream an installation by Diane Silver u​ses our binary world to explore our strained relationship with water, highlighting the extreme disparity between our apparent societal advancement and the planet that houses it. This disparity becomes more apparent in Los Angeles, where the river that flows through the city is a stream at best and ill­equipped to provide water for a large metropolis. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, William D. Mulholland reengineered the river to bring water from the Owens River Valley and Abbott Kinney moved huge quantities of dirt to bring water into the canal system in Venice. The installation creates an aqueous landscape, at some moments crystal clear, and at others muddied, refracted, and yet completely dependent on man­made materials. Through a variety of multimedia practices, T​orrent Stream is an installation that reflects on the bits and pieces that not only expedite water into our city but ultimately define our city.