Cut Out
June 22 - July 27, 2024

An exhibition of works by contemporary Los Angeles artists exploring the possibilites of collage. Artists: Sacha Halona Baumann, Julia Couzens, David Daigle, Paula Goldman, Tm Gratkowski, Alex Helmintoller, Annetta Kapon, David Lloyd, Stas Orlovski, HK Zamani, & Jody Zellen.

CUT OUT is an exhibition of collages made by cutting and pasting found materials. While digital collaging has become commonplace, this exhibition focuses on analogue processes.

Collage has a long history and has been explored by a diverse range of artists. Often defined as a technique of assemblage to create a new whole, collage most often refers to visual works, yet there are musical as well as written collages (found poetry). Collage also has a rich political, as well as aesthetic history.

Noted collage artists include: Hanna Hoch (Dada), John Heartfield (German political montage), Picasso, Braque (Cubism) and El Lissitzky (Constructivism). These artist are the inspiration for many of the current works.

This exhibition presents works by a selection of contemporary Los Angeles based artists exploring the possibilites of collage.

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